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What It Is to Be Seasonaire?

January 22, 2024 | By Admin What It Is to Be Seasonaire?

Maybe you’ve come back from travelling and aren’t sure what to do next, maybe you want to go travelling and want to try something new and exciting or maybe you are just not quite ready to settle down in an office style 9-5. This is how so many people come to enter the life of a seasonaire.

Seasnoaire life offers an intense work environment where people work hard in a great atmosphere, meeting new people and enjoying themselves in some magnificent places. For myself, it was returning from travelling that I entered into the seasonal bubble. I wanted to be back on the slopes after two years in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. I looked at the price for a week's holiday in a ski resort and decided that actually I should come to work in the mountains instead.

I find that when working as a seasonaire, the more intense and busy the work days are, the more the team spirit and communication grows and I find that the team becomes like a family for the 4 months that I’m here. One of the best things about a busy day working on the piste is that there is always an après-ski where you can enjoy the sunset and decompress from the day, and coming down from Cookies we have a few to choose from. Wherever you are on the pistes you always manage to bump into someone you know; a fellow seasonaire, a chairlift mechanic, a pister or maybe even a friendly customer from the day before.

Being a seasonal worker among the Portes du Soleil means having the choice of enjoying both the French slopes and the Swiss slopes, 600km of skiable terrain! Choosing to be a seasonal worker in Les Crosets means choosing a more familiar environment, calmer and more chilled than the craziness of Avoriaz, but not without its entertainment. It depends on what you are looking for from a ski season, you can be a part of many occasions and explore many different opportunities, ski/snowboarding events, music concerts, DJ nights, sports or simply enjoying a games night with your team.

Eventually, being a seasonal worker at Cookie Cafe, the highest restaurant in the entire area, is enjoying privileges that perhaps other workers in the Portes du Soleil cannot take advantage of. Being able to get up the chairlift before the resort is open to enjoy the sunrise and be the first person on the piste, alternatively, being the last person going down the piste whilst enjoying the sunset at the end of the day, and quite simply the magnificent view.

There is a moment at the end of the day when I am boarding down where everything just stops around me and just for that moment I remember how small and humble I am, surrounded by all those gigantic mountains and that this is my ‘office’.

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