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10 years of Cookie Cafe 

April 16, 2024 | By Admin 10 years of Cookie Cafe 

The original télécabine to Pointe Des Mossettes was built in 1967 and replaced by the current Mossettes chairlift in 1994. Pictures of this process can still be seen on the walls at Cookie Cafe.

The restaurant started off as a self-service traditional Swiss restaurant named Les Mossettes Restaurant. Julie and Richard an english and dutch couple were regular visitors to the Porte du Soleil for their ski holidays. It was on one of these holidays that they had the idea of opening a restaurant in the mountains and the idea of Cookie Cafe was born.

In 2013 they found a partner, David Jewell who already had a business in the Villar ski resort and was eager to extend his business to the Portes du Soleil.
Securing the lease to the building in October 2013, they had a very short time to turn the place around and be ready for opening.

The first ever supplies had to be delivered by helicopter ! However since then and with the help of telechampery, deliveries are now sent up specially via the Mossettes chairlift, not the easiest way to deliver to a restaurant but much easier (and cheaper) than a helicopter !

In September 2016 and only 3 years after opening, sadly David passed away. He was an eccentric character who loved life and his influence in Cookie Cafe can still be seen to this day.
The original concept of the restaurant was to bring something a little different to the mountains, rather than the usual fondue, raclette and assiette valisan. The best way to discribe the food is fancy, modern fast food. The idea is that customers can enjoy good quality food that is prepared quickly whilst enjoying the view. Customers can then quickly get back to skiing without delay.

At Cookie Cafe, we are always looking for friendly and motivated people to join our team. As all our staff tend to live and work together for the period of 4 months, we try our best to find a team that will get along well together and become a family for a season. Every year, we tend to have a mixture of returning and new staff, all of which, by the end of the season, are recognised across the Porte du Soleil. Even after leaving us, some staff members leave a little bit of themselves behind. The artwork that can be seen behind the bar was originally done by a seasonnaire named Kevin 8 years ago!

This year marks the 10th year that Cookie Cafe has been open, we look forward to many more years of high altitude life and are excited to find out where the future will take us.



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